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At Bumb Law Office, LLC, our team works with a range of family law and other legal issues to create positive solutions for people just like you. We work with clients across Indiana to find the best possible results for them.

The Value Of Experience

After years in the legal industry, you learn the value of experience and what detailed knowledge really offers you. The real advantage is in context, planning and confidence. An experienced, quality attorney knows who you are, what you need and how to get you there. At Bumb Law Office, LLC, our team works together to draw on a vast pool of resources to help you accomplish your goals in a way that fits your life.

Our founding attorney, Laurie Bumb, is more than an experienced family law attorney; she is one of Indiana’s certified family law specialists and a registered family law mediator. This means her understanding of the law is incredibly nuanced. You can rely on our firm to help you find trusted solutions.

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Does Your Family Need Legal Guidance?

Bumb Law Office, LLC, offers a host of family law solutions. Find out more about our approach to divorce, child custody and other issues.

Are You Planning For The Future?

When you begin an estate plan, you should do so with confidence. Get answers to your questions about wills, trusts and probate.

Ready To Explore Your Dispute Resolution Options?

Mediation is a great option for many individuals and families. As you begin to resolve your issues, contact our office for guidance on your options.

Are You Considering An Appeal?

Are You Considering An Appeal?

Family law courts can seem arbitrary. In some cases, you can fight a decision on your family law case through an appeal.

Putting Our Clients First, Always

At Bumb Law Office, LLC, our team understands that family law issues are highly personal. We believe strongly that your needs – legal, personal and emotional – should be the priority. Our team makes a point of listening to your story and asking valuable questions that help you express your needs.

Once we understand your motivations and goals, we help create a customized legal plan. We know that your family and life are unique and that your legal strategy should reflect that. Because we take the time to know you, we have the context and tools to develop a plan for you.

Bumb Law Office, LLC, Is Here For You When Your Life Changes

Our clients know that they can use our skilled and knowledgeable team as a resource at life’s most complicated moments. Whether you are filing for divorce, trying to find the right living arrangements for your children or working to find stability in your financial future, our attorneys are here to support you.

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