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Handling All Your Adoption Needs

The adoption of a child brings great happiness to families. The attorneys at Bumb Law are experienced in handling adoptions in Indiana, particularly the adoption of a child by a stepparent. Be sure that your adoption proceeding is handled properly. The complex legal process of adoption requires the expertise of an experienced attorney. We assist families with the adoption process to ensure that it proceeds properly through the court system and secure the well-being of your child and family.

Handling Guardianships With Care

If you need to establish a guardianship over a loved one with special needs, we can guide you through all of the necessary legal details. A mistake or oversight in the process could derail your plans, even leading to disruptive disputes or costly litigation.

Our attorneys are here to make sure the process of establishing a guardianship runs smoothly, so you can focus on your family. If disputes do arise, we can provide you with skilled representation in contested guardianship proceedings.

Contact Us Today To Arrange A Consultation

If you are seeking to adopt a child or establish a guardianship in Indiana, our lawyers are here to guide you through the legal process. To arrange a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys in Evansville, contact us online or call us at 812-913-5007.