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Your Family Law Case May Have Another Chance

Last updated on July 27, 2020

For many people, family law disputes do not end satisfactorily. In most cases, there is not much to do. However, in some cases, the legal system truly has failed, and an appeal is appropriate.

Appealing a court ruling can be incredibly difficult; it requires the court to reexamine the way your case was handled, not the facts of your case. This means that your attorney needs to understand both how family law works and how the broader legal system treats family law.

At Bumb Law, you have access to a certified family law specialist whose depth of knowledge is impeccable. Attorney Laurie Baden Bumb is focused on the details and brings decades of experience to your case.

Understanding The Basics Of Appeals

Appeals are a unique part of the court system. An appeal is a review of your previous case, not a retrial or “do over.” Throughout the process, the court is looking for legal errors, such as:

  • Misapplied legal rules regarding evidence or standards
  • Misuse of judicial discretion
  • Issues with the record or other documentation

As your attorney, Laurie Baden Bumb works hard to evaluate all aspects of your case and to create a compelling legal argument. Her legal experience and specialization is reflective of the skill she brings to your case.

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